Many well-known curative waters have been distributed throughout Europe as luxury drinks since ancient Roman times. Italians lead Europeans in per capita bottled water consumption at 155 litres per year. We believe that water has the same wine nobility in pairing food. What we propose is a back to date water whose peculiarities are natural cleanliness, high refreshing power without being marked in taste and intrinsic freshness.

Bottled and distributed since 1894, Acqua Filette was awarded in that same year at an international exhibition on Medicine in Rome. In 1933 it was awarded at the Tripoli International Fair. Acqua Filette soon became famous as a healthy and curative water.
Acqua Filette, one of the Italy’s purest waters, originates from the source of Guarcino, at 900 meters above sea level on the green and uncontaminated Apennine Mountains in the Lazio Region.
The almost total absence of nitrates along with a low level of sodium and the best balanced amount of total dissolved solids make Acqua Filette ideal for daily use. Because of the total absence of industrial plants, fertilized fields and livestock in Guarcino Acqua Filette is one of the lowest nitrate-content mineral waters in the world.
Acqua Filette, containing 209 mg/l of TDS, has the best balanced amount of mineral nutrients which makes it ideal for daily use.
Water is not composed of single molecules, it is rather made up of clusters of molecules whose size can vary from water to water. The smaller the cluster, the lighter, more digestible and able to permeate the human tissue and organs the water is. After several studies conducted in Italy and in other countries, especially Japan, a country always careful about quality, it was found that Acqua Filette’s molecules are assembled in very reduced clusters.

Acqua Filette comes available in three different kinds to suit everybody’s fancy: “Naturalmente naturale” (Naturally Still), “Delicatamente frizzante” (Gently Sparkling) and “Decisamente frizzante” (Very Sparkling), being the perfect partner to the best wines. The bottle has luxurious and elegant shapes: the classic Bordeaux bottle is wrapped in a champagne satin label with an “F” made of silver foil. The non-returnable glass and a cap save Acqua Filette from pollution, ensuring the highest quality.