Italy is the largest rice producer in Europe. Rice plays an integral part in Italian cuisine with most regions proudly maintaining at least one traditional rice dish. In colder regions, such as Piedmonte, Lombardia and Veneto, rice is more important than pasta. Risotto is one of the most appreciated dish by the tourists who come to Italy: Porcini mushrooms, sea fruit, truffle, Milanese, Prosecco, Barolo, Amarone…
There are probably thousands of combinations, ranging from simple additions of mixed herbs or vegetables, to the most basic of all, risotto Milanese which includes saffron and bone marrow. However, the basic method is always the same, all that changes are the additional ingredients. In our Luxury selection we offer the richest rice in taste, absorbance, firmness, nutritional values and healthiness.

Reperso is a new variety of rice resulting from 10 years of research and five years of field experimentation. It cannot be compared with any other variety of rice and as such has been proven to be “Unclassifiable”. From the plant to the grain, Reperso proves to be unique and superior to all others. Its grain is the largest among all recognized qualities of rice.

It presents:
Intense flavor yet delicate at the same time.
High nutritional value.
High level of stickiness, characteristic particularly appreciated and requested by haute cuisine.
Additional fats are not required to obtain the perfect creamy consistency.
Its ability to easily absorb flavors exalting all dishes, even the simplest.