Maremma Toscana red DOC 2014

Product line Wines | Region Toscana
Product code IMP07

Ingredients: Grapes: 60% Sangiovese , 40% Alicante

Fresh and lively ruby colour, with an intense and fresh aroma of flowers and fresh and pulpy fruits, among which are recognisable the viola, the cherry and the blackberry. It is a structured and well-balanced wine, with a slender body, distinguishable for a peculiar pleasant taste, supported by a likely softness, and well balanced by fresh sensations. Tannin is not intrusive. Food pairings: this wine is slender, elegant and easy to drink, it is an ideal daily mate and it can be easily taken with traditional appetizers of fresh cold cuts and medium-aged cheese, with first dishes of good structure, meat and poultry ragu, slow cooking sauces also with a vegetable base and with tasty soups. It is a must with the “ribollita”, it enhances the grilled and the white meat, ideal with grilled ribbed and with lamb chops. To be served at a temperature of 16°c, in large chalices.

Alcohol: 13,3%vol
Residual sugar: 2,5 g/l
Total acidity: 5,3 g/l
Ph: 3,45
Volatile acidity: 0,35 g/l
Total dry extract: 29,5 g/l

Packaging: Glass bottle

Weight: 750 ml