Montecucco red DOC 2012

Product line Wines | Region Toscana
Product code IMP05

Ingredients: Grapes: 80% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot, Sirah, Petit Vedot

This wine impresses for the intensity of the fragrance, clean, rich of flavours with dominant notes of red pulp such as well-matured cherry and blackberry and with a hint of jam. Following it, vegetal notes appear of hay, warm spices and a tip of wood to extend its bouquet. It is warm, soft, and full-bodied to taste, with a remarkable balance, where the freshness and the tannin well balance the alcohol charge. The final result long and very satisfying. It is a wine of great versatility and it elegantly joins important cold cuts and seasoned cheese, main dishes with spicy notes, such as roe deer “pappardelle” or “carbonara”, which enhance its soft and enveloping notes. it is a natural companion to meat dishes, of which with no doubts it prefers the roast cooking, and it is perfect with the “cacciatora” rabbit, the chicken “in scottiglia” and the lamb chops.

Alcohol: 13,59 %vol
residual sugar: 0,55 g/l
total acidity: 5,58 g/l
ph: 3,42
volatile acidity: 0,32 g/l
total dry extract: 32 g/l

Packaging: Glass bottle

Weight: 750 ml