Peach extra jam

Product line Preserves | Region Lazio
Product code JAM15

Ingredients: Peaches 75%, sugar 23%, lemon 2%.

Our marmalades are made according to the family traditional recipe. We use fresh, first quality fruits, a slow and low temperature cooking method to preserve the aroma and the taste. Very little sugar is added to highlight the flavor of the fruits.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (avarage value for 100 g)  
Energy value: Kcal 219/ Kj 930
Protein:  20,6g
Total Carbohydrates: 53,2g
sugars: 52,4g
Total Fat: 0g
satured fat: 0g
Fibers: 1,9g
Salt: 0mg

Packaging: Glass jar

Weight: 350g, 90g code JAM16