Imagine you’re opening a box full with jewels and precious stones and being unable to choose one. From mignon patisserie to salty desserts, the Luxury Italian Food selection can really delight your eyes but especially your mouth and brain. Soft ganache between colorful macarons, creamy puffs containing unexpected custards, soft éclairs, pralines enriched by amazing filling; all these specialties (and even more) will enhance your desire of something irresistible. The manufacturing process is carried out in small workshops, by traditional Italian artisan techniques and in accordance with ancient recipes. Real small masterpiece that you can hardly resist.

Biasetto: world champion
Pamper yourself with the sweet specialties created by the inventive pastry chef Luigi Biasetto ! His products, based on the best ingredients, are the result of his personal efforts to reach the perfect balance between their combinations and consistencies. Amaze yourself at breakfast ! Fresh-baked croissants and brioches stuffed with custards, homemade preserves, also with pistachio, almonds, pine nuts and raisin. And take some time to taste the mignon patisserie, tiny delights of different flavours, or the incomparably tasty macaroons. Abandon yourself to pleasure !